sweet tooth

I listed another cupcake on etsy today! I almost kept this one for myself I like it so much, but I decided that I had enough of my own stuff on my walls! I want to raise money to buy other people's art for my walls!

I also listed a custom order that I hope is well-received, and I painted an extra special Valentine's Day cupcake painting that still has to dry and be sprayed with sealant. 

In non-etsy related news, I joined the YMCA and went for the first time today.  I was confused by the weird "put your name on a list to get on a machine" thing, but I asked a YMCA person and she was very nice and helped me.  I also managed to get next to this really fit chick that was jogging on the treadmill facing BACKWARDS while pumping little weights, so any pride I felt at merely being at a gym for the first time in months was immediately trampled.  I also got tangled and knocked my ipod under the treadmill, then accidentally knocked the emergency stop thing twice, thus displaying my extreme gracefulness.  I'm going to try to lose 25 pounds, which is a daunting task, but hopefully if I stick to my plan I can make it. It's not a strict plan or anything, but I'm going to try to go to the gym at least four days a week, maybe more, drink only water and juice (no sweet tea or sonic coke runs), and I'm going to try to eat only fresh, healthy food -- no prepackaged crap or greasy pizza just because it's in front of me.  I told Jeremy we would likely have to start eating separate food, but it's going to be hard to resist buttery  mashed potatoes and deep fried vegan hot wings.  I think I'm going to be eating a lot of potatoes, kale, soup, and yogurt, but I like all those things, so maybe it will work.

wish me luck!


superkantastic.com said...

I love your cupcake paintings! And I'm so proud of you for going to the gym and eating healthy, yay! Remember the time we skipped walking to get sno-cones instead? That was the best....

brandi said...

thanks, love! i totally miss ditching exercise to get sno-cones! and tato parties! gah!

move here and we can be bad together again.

meg said...

just remember to be good to your body, and that cravings are important to listen to sometimes (even though i'm learning that while i crave pain au chocolat every morning it's not the best idea to follow through with that all the time)