car inspections are lame.

in arkansas we didn't have to get car inspections, so this whole process of registering my car every year and having to get it inspected first is throwing me for a loop. lucky for me, my entire tax return will be spent getting new tires, alignment, and windshield wipers so i can pass my inspection and get my car registered. yay for me!

i'm ready for spring. and sunshine. and lazy sundays in the yard drinking sweet tea with a good book and my feet in the kiddie pool.

i've broken two sets of headphones this month. and my dog ate one. i need to buy like 15 pairs of them and have them laying around everywhere.

i'm going to charleston this weekend and hope it's fun. i figure i'll freak out at the social aspect of the trip and spend most of the night in the hotel reading a book and knitting leg warmers, but that's actually fine with me. i need to get away from itchy little dogs and consistently cluttered apartments, even if it's just for a day or two. i get so overwhelmed sometimes at the clutter and to-do-list and walking schedule.

i know i have it easy, so don't think i'm melodramatic. i just need a day to NOT do those things. i think we all do.

i applied at AB Tech for the fall semester in the baking and pastry arts program. i'm not sure if i can afford it, how i'll make it work, where i'll be employed while i do this, but i figure if i don't just apply and try to jump in it will never happen. there's always going to be something in the way, so i need to just do it. their system is kind of weird, so i'm waiting to see what to do next. i had my transcripts sent and hope i don't have to take some kind of placement test since i already have a bachelor's degree. maybe that will get me out of some of the basics i would have to take too.


Shannon said...

I'm so with you. The yearly NC inspection dealio is so lame.... reason #43 why I miss the west coast. :)

brandi said...

we didn't even have to get them in arkansas, and believe me, there were some vehicles on the road that were probably not road safe (including half of the ones i've owned over the years), but it is still such a hassle! especially since my car is an '07, so it seems insane that i have to pay so much to get it up to speed.


at least i'll know i'm safe, i guess! :)

Brandie said...

Thanks, man. We think he's pretty dang cute too! :)