You Have Dog Mail!

So, I haven't been very successful at my POTD assignment for myself, but I think that's partly due to a new project I've started with some photo friends. We're going to experiment with Caffenol! I've been trying to read up on it, acquire my materials, and figure out what I want to shoot. I'm having trouble finding the Washing Soda, but I haven't checked the crunchier stores in town like Earthfare and Greenlife, so hopefully they'll have some and I can avoid having to order it online and pay shipping cost. We're going to try to have some images ready by May 1, 2009, so anyone else that wants to share in this with us, please let me know!

Today was a rough day for me. I screwed up at work, and while it wasn't anything major, it was frustrating and just made me realize even more that I need to hurry and start working towards getting into a new profession. I'm going to try to go talk to the AB Tech advisors this week to see what else I need to do to get into the Baking and Pastry Arts Program there. Like I told my friends today, cupcakes and bread are WAY more fun than angry attorneys and court reporters.

Luckily, my sweet friends brightened my day. Last week a sweet girl I know sent Porter and Nocciola some mail from her little doggy.

I haven't responded yet because I need to get some pictures of the boys printed to include, but hopefully we can start a nice doggy penpal project. (Yes, we are dorks. It makes us happy, okay? DON'T JUDGE ME!) Also, one of my BFFs Juli sent Porter and Nocci some fun treats in the mail, so we went outside to open them and I documented it for her. She doesn't even know how much this made my day, especially since this was such a stressful, pull-out-my-hair kind of day. Here's some photos of them opening and enjoying their treats! Just seeing them rip into those new toys made me relax a little and feel a little bit better about the world. Thanks, Juli! :D

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