so lazy

it's springtime! that's what i'm blaming my complete laziness on. i haven't worked on any photo projects, done any baking, cleaned my apartment much, knitted, sewed, or done any of the usual stuff lately. i think it's just so nice out that it seems like a waste to do anything but piddle around the yard after work. i have to be locked up in an office for 7 hours a day just looking outside at the sunshine, so when i get home i rarely want to upload pictures or count stitches.

me and two friends recently took a trip home to arkansas to visit family and go to the wedding of one of my best friend's little brother. it was possibly the only *nice* wedding i've been to. where i come from, a skanky wood-paneled church and a completely sexist preacher giving a too-long sermon is all you need for a wedding. throw in some non-alcoholic punch and reception in the church kitchen and you've got yourself a typical wedding! this one was outside, lovely, had great food (a mashed potato bar?!), and there was lots of fun and dancing. i was honestly shocked.

after the wedding, we had a big party at my lovely friend juli's house. she put together a delightful get together with a handmade pinata for us to drunkenly swing at, which included fun such as special prizes (actual mix TAPES, not CDs, TAPES), candy, notepads, and gross fake tongues. there was tons of great food (homemade grilled black bean veggie burgers!), plenty to drink, and my best friend's band, Come Sundown, played a show for us. unfortunately, justin's voice was going out because he was sick, and even more unfortunately, i took him up on his offer of $5 to try to sing a song. i know there is video of this occasion, and i hope it never surfaces. i couldn't hear myself and didn't know all th
e lyrics, so it really wasn't pretty.

(photo by kandi cook)

i had a great time, though. i love asheville, but sometimes (as much as i NEVER thought i'd say this) i miss being home. all my friends that i've been the closest to for the past five years or so are there, so i can go home and talk lots of shit, mention scissoring every ten minutes, tell inside jokes, discuss music, books, and photo techniques in a way that i just can't here, go to awesome shows with my friends, see my friends BE the awesome show, and then (even more importantly) there's also the appeal of my little brother. we danced most of the time i was there, and even though i was being subjected to will smith and black eyed peas songs, it was so fun.

i almost wish i didn't dislike the idea of living in memphis or little rock so much. they'd be much closer to home, still in a larger city with stuff to do, and i'd get to see all my awesome friends more. memphis is too skuzzy, dangerous, and humid for me to want to move there, though, and little rock has always just bored me.

anyway. i'm just rambling. the point is, i had a blast hanging out with my jonesboro/memphis/paragould/little rock crew and miss them terribly. even more so now that i got to see them all in one place.

i got motivated to take some photos the other weekend and ended up sacrificing some peeps. i hope no one takes offense to that.


kandicook said...

Those poor peeps. I had a lot of fun, too. We all miss you! And you forgot about the Memphis Crud (Sinus Hell).

jake said...

I know the feeling. I love portland but it gets pretty lonely here.