for reals.

so, registration for baking school went okay. i had a little schedule figured out to take, but it turns out what i had picked wasn't an option. in the end it worked out, though. at first i thought i wasn't going to get to go at all due to their lab hour heavy, daytime only classes, as well as their confusing "co-requisites" and necessary time in the restaurant they run to give students practice time. after much fussing, near crying (i'm not really a crier so something has to be serious for me to break out in tears over it) and completely giving up on getting to go since i can't quit my day job for it, my advisor (who strangely enough reminds me a lot of my advisor in journalism school at Arkansas State University) let me know that i could split up the five hour long classes that i thought i had to take at the same time (isn't that what co-requisite means?) which would've had me at school from almost 9-3 daily. yay for me! so, while i don't get to take baking yet, i'll be taking Food Science, Food Science Lab, Sanitation and Safety, and Sanitation and Safety lab, as well as an online class - Intro to Computers, which is sadly enough a requirement that i can't get out of. i was told i could test out after 10%, so i'll probably try to do that. i don't mind paying for the class even if i don't take it - it's the waste of my time i'm worried about.

i also need to figure out what to do about my puggies' mid-day walks. i go home daily to give them a short potty break and then go back to work, but that won't be possible with my schedule that starts next month. i need to look into dog walkers, but that seems like a luxury i definitely can't afford.

i bought my pastry kit from the AB Tech bookstore, and it's chock full of knives, thermometers, biscuit cutters, silpats, pastry bags, pastry tips, and all other kinds of goodness that i can't wait to get into. unfortunately, i'm not taking any cooking classes this semester, so i may have to wait! i still have to buy a scale, my chef whites (!) and get a few shots before school starts, so i'm going to be a busy girl.

Bele Chere is this weekend! my list of priorities:

1. Eat a Funnel Cake
2. Drink a Lemon Shake Up (nothing is better than lemonade that you have to chew due to the gritty sugar left undissolved in it)
3. Eat some Greek food
4. Take pictures of the dumb ass protesters there
5. See the Old 97s

i would love to see Now You See Them, but unfortunately they're playing while i'll still be at work. DRAT! we may also go to the Anti-Bele Chere music thing, but i'm not sure yet.

so, i finally broke down and got a nice, brand new pillow-top king sized bed with all new IKEA sheets, comforters, pillows, and throws, and it's absolutely my second favorite purchase after Nocci. i feel so much better every day when i get up since getting it. i have no idea why i put it off for so long.

exciting things coming up! the pastry arts program starts soon, i'm flying to memphis for Gonerfest in september, my anniversary is in October, then it's time for the holidays and all the traveling and whirlwind visiting that goes along with it.

i need to try to enjoy summertime while it's still here, because as soon as it turns a little cold i'm going to be shivering, whining, cursing the cold, and threatening to move to a tropical island.
yay, summer!

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