i've been so bad at blogging lately. things have been busy. we took a vacation to the outer banks and i fell in love with Ocracoke Island, i have baking and pastry arts school registration on the 20th and need to start figuring all that out and buying my zillions of chef coats and knives and other supplies that i need, we have friends coming to visit soon, i've been planning trips to memphis to hang out with some bffs and go to Gonerfest, and i've been trying hard to keep up with this 365 Self Portrait project, but that shit is hard! i'll be in bed about to pass out from exhaustion and suddenly realize i forgot to take one! also, when i take a photo with my holga or SLR i forget about it, then upload a crappy digital one i shot, then wonder if i should replace it later or just leave it and have a stash of extras or something? plus, i never write down the date i took them. i guess once they're developed i can replace them if they're good, and ignore the bad ones. ha!

i need motivation to go to the gym. i got off track after a visit from good friends, recovery from a small medical procedure, a vacation, and now it's like i'm starting all over. so difficult. last night i had tomatoes and a baked potato for dinner and jeremy had delicious fried chicken in honey mustard. sigh.

we went to see Jay Reatard at the Orange Peel last night. i was worried because i really don't like seeing shows at the Orange Peel, but it turned out okay. he referred to it as "a big, cold room," which was on point at first, but then it seemed to fill up a little more. they were great, and the opener was great too. yay for cheap shows!

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kandi said...

I understand on the blog neglect. I thought I was doing so good, too.

I love Jay Reatard! I hope you do, too.