juli jackson

09.20.2009, originally uploaded by julibat.

Juli Jackson is a friend I've known since the age of about twelve, when everyone is awkward, pudgy, has bad hair and is desperately searching to find out who they are. There was a period during the college era where we lost touch. She went to film school in Philly, and I stayed in our small Arkansas hometown area for all the wrong reasons. Luckily we got back in touch - I'm not sure if it was Myspace or Facebook or what, but I'm so glad it happened. She's one of the most talented, dedicated, hard-working people I know. She's gifted and skilled beyond belief in everything - photography, film-making, cooking, canning, sewing, crafting - she does it all. Here is a recent photo of hers that I just love. Be sure to check out her art and photography. You'll be glad you did.