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My 27th Birthday is this Sunday.  A lot of people dislike their birthdays, particularly when the downhill slide to 30 begins.  I'm the opposite.  I love my birthday and see it as a reason to celebrate and indulge and be happy that I've made it another year on this planet in a semi-sane state.  I have three of my best girlfriends driving 10 hours from Arkansas to stay with me this weekend.  We're going to eat, craft, go downtown and have an absolutely insanely good time.  I can't wait!  I also asked my loved ones to take photos of themselves enjoying a cupcake and to send it to me.  They have done such an excellent job!  Every day when I check my facebook or e-mail there's a new fun photo! Even my pugs got in on the action.


There are tons more, but I won't put them all on here in case someone is internets shy.  Even my sweet grandparents got in on the action and sent photos of them with an orange that had a lit candle in it.  AN ORANGE!

Things have been shitty lately -- I have a possible driver's licence suspension coming up, I locked myself out of the house with the two pugs in the snow while Jeremy was out of town, and the cold weather has really been beating me down.  But it's almost spring!  I have friends coming in town for the next two weeks!  My boss is being awesome and doing everything his lawyer self can do to help me work out the suspension!  I have an amazing, AMAZING boyfriend who has been so awesome and supportive!  My pugs are adorable!

Happy freaking birthday to me!


Monotonix in Asheville

Monotonix played at the Rocket Club in Asheville.  The lead singer Ami Shalev had broken his leg the night before, but the show went on anyway, perhaps a bit more subdued than usual.

More here.

march 2 2010

march 2 2010, originally uploaded by cherry valentino.

oh, spring, will you ever come?