2009 Rundown

1 King Khan and the Shrines Birthday weekend.
2 Ocracoke Island Vacation
3 Gonerfest.
4 Visits from friends (Trip, Kandi and Katee, Juli and Jim, Amber and Ryan, Justin and Tabetha, Steve)
5 Parties at Juli’s house/studio. Pinatas! Photo booths! Live Bands!
6 Having Dance-offs with my brother, Jordan
7 Prom! At the Grey Eagle
8 Awesome concerts/watching the entire series of the Wire obsessively with Jeremy
9 Getting a surprise trip to Atlanta to eat at Woodfire Grill and go to the Bodies Exhibition
10 When Porter and Nocci finally started getting along!
11 Being snowed in with Jeremy and making chili and hot chocolate and fires.

Music (not necessarily new stuff, just what I listened to the most)
1 Man Man
2 Langhorne Slim
3 Okkervil River
4 King Khan and the Shrines
5 Bryan Hartley and/or Halfacre Gunroom
6 Nobunny
7 The Hold Steady
8 Songs:Ohia/Magnolia Electric Company
9 Ryan Adams
10 Amanda Blank

1 Fantastic Mr. Fox
2 Inglorious Basterds
3 District 9
4 Zombieland
5 Adventureland
6 Friday the 13th (I’m a sucker for horror stuff like this. Can’t wait for the final Sleepaway Camp in 3D!!!)
7 Julie and Julia
8 Coraline
9 500 Days of Summer
10 Where the Wild Things Are

1 The Wire (I know it’s not from this year, but we watched the entire series this year.)
2 Eastbound and Down
3 Top Chef
4 The Office
5 30 Rock
6 Community
7 Chopped
8 Squidbillies
9 Flipped
10 SNL

Readin' (I’m fudging on this a bit b/c I can’t really remember what I read this year. I know there’s some better stuff than this - I’m just bad at recalling what year I read things.)

1 On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen by Harold McGee
2 The Know It All by AJ Jacobs
3 McSweeny’s
4 Lolita (re-read for the zillionth time) by Vladimir Nabokov
5 Zeitoun by Dave Eggers
6 The Year of Living Biblically by AJ Jacobs
7 GQ Magazine (I have no idea why Gentlemen’s Quarterly is one of my favorite magazines - it just is)
8 Deadstar Twilight by Chez Pazienza
9 Grace After Midnight by Felecia “Snoop” Pearson
10 Things I've Learned from Women Who Dumped Me

Memories that particularly stick out in my mind:

1. Sleeping (or trying to) in the car with Jeremy when we got to the ferry loading place to go to vacation. We didn’t plan well enough and had a night of full bladders, mosquito bites, and hot, sweaty, uncomfortable car sleeping while we waited in the parking lot of some weird, closed down, scary motel for the ferry lines to open.

2. A bird stealing Jeremy’s Cheez-its when we were playing in the ocean and screaming about waves namping us.

3. Drunkenly trying to sing with Justin at Juli’s party and not knowing the words and generally embarrassing myself but not caring because I was surrounded by people I absolutely love!

4. Asking King Khan to play “Took My Lady to Dinner” at the Hi Tone show because it was my birthday and he they hadn’t played it at the two previous night’s shows, and then them playing it as the closing song and me and Juli and Trip and Kandi being SO EXCITED about it!

5. Purple Drank

6. Making David play Connect 4 with me 100 or so times in a row.

7. Getting Porter and then getting home and wondering what the hell I’d done.

8. Porter magically getting on the kitchen stove after climbing a series of furniture and eating 1/2 a frozen pizza and a full pan of used frying oil and then being sick for the rest of the day. I had to sleep on the couch with him and rub his belly all night, and half of it was spent outside with him in a whimpering, puking, pooping little mess. :(

9. Nocci finally beginning to play with Porter and not absolutely despise him.

10. Photobooth insanity at Juli’s!

11. Having my first amuse bouche and mushrooms that tasted like porkchops at Woodfire Grill in Atlanta

12. Seeing the Bodies Exhibition and having strange realizations about the human body.

13. Getting my IUD and it being the most pain I have ever, ever experienced in my life.

14. Meeting Amber and it not being awkward at all, a total surprise and also weird because I was sick as shit.

15. Singing loudly in the car with Jeremy while on roadtrips.

16. Hearing “Two Thieves” at Gonerfest and just being really, really happy.

17. Getting covered in Faygo and PBR at NoBunny and it being an insane amount of fun.

18. Realizing how much I miss my Jonesboro/Memphis friends.

19. Dancing onstage at Langhorne Slim with Zeb.

20. Surprising Justin at his show in Jonesboro on my Birthday!

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