I'm going to make a conscious effort to start taking at least one photo I like every day. It seems small, but taking those few minutes to get a photo right can be hard to do when you're also trying to walk two dogs, fix dinner, make it to the gym, possibly go do fun things with friends, clean up a little, and yadda yadda yadda. I'm not saying these are going to be magnificent pieces of art or earth-shattering, never been done before pieces of photographic genius -- just slices of whatever caught my eye that day.

I think I'll label them POTD (photo of the day). I'm sure that this will prove itself far more difficult than I'm expecting it to be, and I'm not sure if I'd rather do it here or somewhere else, but I'll figure it out.

My penpal now friend Amber visited from Atlanta this past weekend. We'd never met in person and had only talked on the phone twice, but we clicked right away and I was so glad. I find it very hard to connect to most people, but she and I have the same interests, sense of humor, and brash personalities, so we get along great. I taught her to knit, she taught me to crochet, and it was an all around great time, despite the fact that I had a migraine for about 10 hours of the visit, and she was sick the day after me from a late night with too many dirty martinis.

This week I have another friend coming up to visit, and I'm super excited because we're going to see King Kahn and the Shrines, not once, but twice! We'll be at the Orange Peel show here on Thursday, then after brunch and a short Asheville tour we're going to Nashville to see them there too! We've got a hotel booked downtown so we can wander around and have fun without worry about driving or finding parking, and the next day he's leaving to go see them AGAIN in his hometown of Memphis. I wish I could make that show too, but I can't imagine the drive back to Asheville the next day. That's one long, frustrating, boring drive, and it would come the day after my birthday and two days of partying. I don't see it happening.

I'm not even going to update on the pugs right now. I'm incredibly frustrated with Porter after a night of him being as bad as I could possibly ever imagine a dog being. Hopefully when I get home he'll have gotten all his badness out and I can quit gritting my teeth with rage.

I wish spring would stay. It's so very lovely.


Shannon said...

Mmmmm, martinis!

Have fun at the King Kahn shows. My Hubby might go to The Peel one (or at least, that's what he's been saying for the past week...)

Yeah, this warm weather has been quite the teaser, huh?

brandi said...

yeah, the weather is such a tease! i had the windows cracked last night when we went to bed, and this morning i woke up FREEZING! i forgot it was going to get cold again!

yay for king kahn shows! i'm hoping it's a fun crowd and has a lot of energy! tell your husband to bring extra mojo! :)