Busy Week

This is a busy week. Last night we had homemade pizza dinner with friends, which was awesome; tonight we're getting our first Christmas tree; tomorrow is the Old Crow Medicine Show concert at the Orange Peel; Friday is one of my best friend's birthday parties, and I have no idea what's going on this weekend. I haven't even had a chance to clean up from last night's dinner.

I got some soap from etsy that I loved, but I think it was scented a little too strongly for me, so I gave it to a friend. It was delicious, but I'm super sensitive to scents so it didn't end up working out.

I've been doing a lot of Christmas shopping on Etsy. I think even if I can't get as much for people because it's more expensive, at least it will be handcrafted with love and something you can't find anywhere else, right?

Didn't get to work on the legwarmers last night. Maybe tonight? I was thinking of trying to knit some Christmas ornaments. I have some little knitted circular thingies that I was going to try to make into a scarf somehow, but maybe I'll just hang them on the tree.

Hanging out with other pugs over the holidays is making me want another pug friend for Nocci. I'll keep an eye on the MAPR site and maybe one will come along. Nocci would like to have a sister to share his treats with. Okay, maybe he wouldn't share, but he'd still like a sister.


cookingforaveganlover said...

your puppy is so cute!

brandi said...

thanks so much! he has his own (neglected) myspace and everything!