Too Cute!!!

I found this on the urbanpug blog, and it is just toooo precious! I love pugs so much. There's a sweet sooty faced pug that gets walked near where I work at around five, so I'm almost causing wrecks almost daily to get to see him.

Today is Jeremy's birthday! I don't know what our plans are for tonight, but I'm sure it will involve a yummy birthday dinner of some kind, so that's fun. He already opened his presents, so all that's left to do is blow out the candles on his strawberry cake with homemade cream cheese icing. Nom Nom Nom

Things have been super busy lately. I've been buying up stuff on etsy for Christmas, hassling Jeremy to do his Christmas shopping, getting Jeremy from the airport, painting, thinking about joining the YMCA, and tons of other stuff. It doesn't sound like a lot, but really, it is.

Last night I made some delicious tortilla soup, but the jalapenos I got were WAY hotter than I had expected. I'm wondering if they were even jalapenos. When I was de-seeding them some of the juice got on my fingers and later, after I'd washed my hands a bazillion times, I got some of it on my tongue somehow. It hurt SO BAD! I had just eaten a full meal and still had to drink like a half gallon of milk and eat a piece of bread to make it stop. I thought it was going to make a blister.

Why is it iced over in Arkansas and like 68 degrees here today? Are the mild winters following me around? I thought we were supposed to get the cold weather!

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Brandie said...

ha! That's funny about the weather. I can't believe it's so warm there!! Weird.

Happy Birthday Jerms!